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At Uncle Mings, we take pride in bringing you the finest and most unique spirits from around the world. This month, we are thrilled to present our Whisky of the Month, the exceptional Yoichi 10 Years.

A Taste of Tradition: Yoichi 10 Years

Yoichi 10 Years is a special release from Nikka, a renowned Japanese distillery that has captured the hearts of whisky enthusiasts worldwide. This age statement whisky is a testament to Nikka's dedication to crafting exceptional spirits and is the first of its kind to be introduced since 2015.

A Symphony of Flavours

What sets Yoichi 10 Years apart is its exquisite flavour profile. As soon as you take your first whiff, you'll be greeted by an aromatic bouquet of fruits. The nose is rich, inviting, and filled with promise. As you savour each sip, the whisky unfolds its character.

The palate is a delightful mix of peat and smoke, delivering a smoky embrace that's perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of the fruits. It's a complex journey for your taste buds, offering layers of flavor that unveil themselves as you sip.

A Smooth Finish

The journey through Yoichi 10 Years is completed with a warm and oaky finish that lingers gently on your palate. This whisky has been meticulously aged to perfection, allowing the oak to impart its subtle influence on the overall experience.

The Perfect Serve

For an authentic experience, we recommend enjoying Yoichi 10 Years neat or on the rocks. The choice is yours, but either way, this whisky is sure to be a delightful companion for a relaxing evening at our bar.

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