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Uncle Ming’s is a small bar with limited capacity.


We keep our bar area free for walk-ins. Most of the bar is arranged for groups of two, three or four and larger groups.


Dine-in Table 

If there aren’t any tables available, that means all the bookable tables are taken. You can still swing by, as walk ins are always welcome.


Key Booking Terms and Conditions

  • No shows and late cancellations 24h prior your booking will be charged $10 per person

  • All bookings are for 2h. We will only hold your booking strictly for 15 minutes.



  • On Friday and Saturday nights, we are STRICTLY BOOKINGS ONLY for groups of 8 and above. 

  • At all times, groups of 8 and above incur a minimum charge of $50 per person and a mandatory gratuity of 10% on the total bill.


Function Booking


Please note, a discretionary 5% service charge applies to all tables after 9pm Thursday-Saturday.


Uncle Ming's is an over 18's only venue (teenage minors are permitted during lunch hours).

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