Uncle Ming's Bar


Uncle Ming’s is an opium den inspired cocktail, Japanese Whisky and dumpling bar.


Legend has it that Uncle Ming was one of Shanghai's most notorious figures - a sweet potato vendor who began a

life of crime as a policeman collecting protection money from local opium traders. Having to leave China,

Uncle Ming settled in Sydney in the 1920's and set up a place for the local community to meet and have a drink. 

Uncle Ming's cocktail list is an extensive mix of classics and Asian inspired cocktails. Holding true to Asian flavours

& our dedication to quality, the list is always being updated with fresh & innovative cocktails. 

Our collection of Japanese Whisky is one of the most extensive in Australia. Specialising in rare and unique

Japanese Whisky our expert bartenders are sure to find a taste to suit your palate. 

From rice lagers to Uncle Ming's unique brews, our beer list has been carefully selected to showcase the best of Asian brewing. 

Inspired by both Northern and Southern style Chinese dumplings, Uncle Ming's has an extensive menu offering delectable

dumplings for a light snack or full meal. Our dumplings and sauces are sure to leave you wanting more!